Most testimonials are translated by myself from the original Finnish version. The English might sound a bit clumsy at times, because Finnish is a complex language, but you get the gist of the quotes.

Ralf is a great coach and the trainings are the highlight of every week!

- Suvi Aikio FC Santa Claus women's team's player 2021

Ralf's ideas are generally the same as our previous coaches tried teaching us, but his implementation is much better as the previous coaches'.

- Siiri Sammalkangas FC Ylivieska's C-Juniors' captain 2019

Ralf is a gentleman.

- Emma Mattila FC Ylivieska's D-Juniors' captain 2018

The basis for our defensive behavior that Ralf laid for us is now bearing fruit [one season later].

- Petri Laine SC Riverball's board member 2017

Thanks to Ralf, my view of football has become clearer and simpler, which has made my playing and training easier.

- Kiia Laine FC Hertta's women's team's captain 2016

One of the most talented coaches I've ever had.

- Suvi Kumpulainen FC Hertta's women's team's captain 2015

Ralf is one of the greatest football minds of our time.

- Juha Pakarinen AFC Keltik's player and board member before 2015

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