UEFA A coaching license

Finnish Football Association (1'2019-12'2019)

UEFA A license course, December 2019.

Our group after we got our diplomas in December 2019 in Eerikkilä.


UEFA B coaching license

German Football Association (1'2013-11'2013)

UEFA B license course, 2013.

Our group after a training at Sportschule Wannsee in 2013.


Professional Football Management diploma

IST Study Institute, Germany (10'2012-12'2013)

IST logo

Official Bundesliga level management course.


M. A. Psychology, philosophy and media studies

University of Potsdam (10'2004-3'2010)

University of Potsdam logo

Focus in psychology: identity, personality development, group dynamics, learning techniques; focus in philosophy: media ethics, sport ethics, Aristotle, identity; focus in media studies: media literacy, media criticism, music video, marketing. Master's thesis: "The prudent player and the ethics of video gaming." Final score (total): 1.0 (best grade possible). In 2006-07 I was an Erasmus exchange student at the University of Eastern Finland.


Kaufmann für Bürokommunikation

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin (8'1998-2001)

IHK Berlin logo

Trade school in Germany. I honestly have no idea what this job title equals to in English. Something something office communication.



"Business English" diploma (Chamber of Commerce and Industry Berlin, 2001)

Managemet Circle logo

"Internet Editor" (Management Circle Berlin, 2001)

"Internet Programmer" (Management Circle Berlin, 2001)

"Portal Manager" (Management Circle Munich, 2002)