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Thank you for visiting me virtually. I appreciate you dropping by. This is my little online shelter. Who am I? My name is Ralf Wunderlich, I am a middle aged (what happened to the time?) original Berliner who ended up in Finland some time ago.

My life mainly evolves around football as I work as a football coach. But I have more sides to me than just this one. I am a studied philosopher and work(ed) as a freelance author and writer. Plus, I run my own record label. In the past professionally, nowadays just as a hobby.

On this website I give you a little overview about those four layers of my life.

  • Layer 1: Football
  • Layer 2: Philosophy
  • Layer 3: Writing
  • Layer 4: Music

Let's start, shall we...


In a nutshell

Football plays an important role in my life since I played in the long jump sandpit of the Mommsenstadion in 1982 while my father watched the home games of Sport-Club Charlottenburg in the 2. Bundesliga. Until today I am one of the very few fans of their football team (nowadays they play in the 7th division).
I always played football for fun, although I am quite a competitive player, even after all those years. All in all, I played more than 1.000 games in my life, mainly in lower amateur levels of Berlin, but also in Finland. The highest ranked team I played for was in Berlin's highest university league during the 1990s.
Since 1998, I have continously been involved in the organisational aspects of my clubs and have been part of the official sides, for example as a member of the board or coach.
I continually progressed my coaching skills and since 2013, I have a license for "professional football management" which would allow me to work in e. g. Bundesliga-management as well as the UEFA B coaching license from the German Football Association.
In 2015, the finnish women's football club FC Hertta Joensuu hired me as their head coach. Ever since I live in Finland and try to find my luck there.

My Clubs and Roles

2015-... FC Hertta Joensuu (Naisten Kakkonen) - Head Coach (Women, D-girls)

2015-... Jomoni Joensuu (Puulaaki) - Coach (Refugees team, small field)

2015-... AFC Keltik Joensuu (Viitonen) - Head coach (Men)

2014-2015 SG Eichkamp-Rupenhorn (Kreisliga A) - Coach (Men, 32+ Seniors)

2010-2014 1. FFV Spandau (Kreisliga C to B) - Head Coach, Goalkeeper's coach (Men)

2000-2010 BSG AOK Berlin (4th to 3rd to 2nd Companies League) - Member of the board, (playing) coach, caretaker, "Spielabschlussberechtigter" (no idea what this is in english) (Men)

2000-2006 X-Men Soccer (3rd to 2nd University League) - Referee, playing coach (Men)

1998-2000 Absoluter Angstgegner (4th to 3rd University League) - Member of the board, referee, playing coach (Men)

My Coaching Philosophy

  • Fairplay
  • Teamwork and teamspirit
  • Team tactics
  • Technical training
  • Match plans (if possible)
  • Calm coaching (especially during games)
  • Psychological expertise
  • Philosophical expertise
  • Creative ideas
  • Training with ball as much as possible
  • Involving players
  • Motivation
  • Mental coaching
  • Humor and fun
  • German approach to football training
  • Make players understand that football is an easy sports
  • Explaining a lot
  • And much more...



Does a good philosopher need his own philosophy? Some say yes, some say no. If I would have my own philosophy, I would fit into a category. This is (a priori) impossible:

  • Premise 1: (A priori) I do not fit into a category.
  • Premise 2: An own philosophy would put me into a category.
  • Conclusio: I cannot have an own philosophy.

*This argument is logically apodictic. And if not, then my philosophy would definitely contain colourful balloons.*

If I act upon the following maxims, do they define me then?

  • Silence is the highest art form.

    Gerhart Hauptmann
  • The deeper the knowledge, the humbler the knowing one.

    Reinhold Niebuhr
  • Sometimes things are not as they seem, although usually they are.

    X-Files vs. Aristotle
  • Ockham's razor

    A neat scientific theory which can also be applied in everyday life.
  • I had four biscuits, and I ate one. Then I only had three.


Joking aside, yes, I am an official philosopher. Here is a brief overview:

Academical Milestones

2011 Degree: Magister Artium (M.A.) in philosophy, psychology and media studies

2010 Thesis “The Prudent Player and the Ethics of Computer Gaming

2010 Philosophy of Computer Games”-Conference in Athens

2009 Philosophy of Computer Games”-Conference in Oslo

2008 Philosophy of Computer Games”-Conference in Potsdam

2008-2009 Student assistant at the “Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation“

2006-2007 Exchange year at the University of Joensuu (Finland)

2005 Tutor for exchange students at the University of Potsdam

2004-2011 Studies at the University of Potsdam

Key Aspects of my Studies

Philosophy Media ethics, sports ethics, identity, Aristotle

Psychology Identity, personality concepts, learning techniques

Media studies Music television, media literacy, advertisement



Dub Flash Records
My record label. Bass driven releases since 2003 on vinyl, CD, MC and MP3. Most releases are sold out. New stuff is always on it's way.
Visit Dub Flash Records


Dub Mash Radioshow
My radio show. As Selector Dub Rogue, the sample recycler I play dub music from the outer space and all around the world.
Visit Dub Mash


MoonBass Hi+Fi
Dub Soundsystem with heavy bass from my compadre Grand Moff Dub Pipe and his loyal companions Soundboy Padawan Dub Rogue (me), Count uPPe and BenJahJahmin Binks.
Visit MoonBass Hi+Fi

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